Let's make some magic.

I'm here for the women ready to wake the fuck up, step into their power and let themselves be pulled towards what they're truly here for. Because I KNOW they deserve something beautiful.

I show up for the women who are ready to dance with their dreams and taste the fruit of their uniqueness. Mentoring with me will equip you with the tools to Create your life and dream business; building you from the ground up to support you as you consciously create your vision.



Mental Health Support Program



1:1 Zoom Clarity session for your business 



Honey - 5 months of 1:1 mentoring with me

$500 per month 

Hey gorg.


Just in case this is the first time we're crossing paths:

My name is Tessa, and you can call me T. I get excited by supporting women to live a life that turns them on. Years of being a support person, mentor and therapist has lead to understand the key missing pieces of the puzzle that a lot of women aren't equipped with as they grow. 

I want to show you how to have boundaries like a motherfucker while also being kind. I want to support you as you acknowledge what you've been through, and get ready for what's to come. I want to ground you into your body, wake up your senses and remind you that you do not become the butterfly overnight. This is the delicious cocoon to hold you as you grow. 

A little about me:

I practice as an Occupational Therapist at my company Our Mindful Youth. I chose to take the mental health Occupational Therapy road because I was so taken by how the mind can impact the rest of our life. Five days a week it’s my role to look at all facets of a person’s life to see what brings them joy, meaning and hope. It’s also my role to support them and empower them, with practical tools that will allow them to access that joy, meaning and hope.


I studied art therapy + psychotherapy following this, because I wanted to empower my clients to journey within their mind, to “be with” and learn from their emotions, and to integrate creativity into their life. Psychotherapy training allows me to lay the groundwork for my client’s empowerment journey, by encouraging them to self enquire and to safely sit with what they’re experiencing in their whole being. 


This combination of training and work experience, as well as my own self development journey, has shown me the importance of self enquiry and knowing, as well as having grounded practical tools to support you.


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