1:1 business mentoring

1:1 mentoring for women ready to show up and create their dream business.


rewiring your business DNA to make way for the delicious new level your soul came here for.

Are you committed to showing up for a business that feels good? I created The Hive for the self led women craving a delicious combination of grounded, soulful strategies mixed with a fiery business mindset that no one can fuck with.

5 months of mentoring with me will equip you with the tools and support to create your dream business. If you're ready for your next level, keep reading below.


5 months of 1:1 online mentoring.

This mentoring container has been designed to provide you with the support you've been seeking to breathe life into your business from the ground upwards. The Hive is for the women who have the foundations of their business covered, and are ready for the next level. This is for the women who are tired of knowing how good their business could feel but are lacking the structures, systems and embodied FEELING they need to take their business to the next level. Are you ready to live in the open, expansive energy of being relentlessly true to yourself in business? 

What kind of business would you build with unlimited courage?

This will empower you to embody the structure, strategies and sensations needed to
Create Your Dream Business.  


5 x 90 minute 1:1 Zoom calls focused on strategy, mindset, integration and business skill development.

  • Voxer support with Tessa 9-5 Monday - Friday

  • An online + downloadable playbook with our entire 5 months of content 

  • Access to an online Drive for all session recordings, notes and resources

have you ever felt like saying a big fuck
you to how business "should" be done?

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“Tessa is just a beautiful beam of light, truly wanting you to find your flow and spark through the process. It was fantastic to be part of her work.”

— Julia Hogarth, women's mentor + past member of group mentorship. 


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"Tessa has a way of making everyone feel at home so even if you're nervous, you can trust that you will be at ease in no time. It's all about your unique self expression."

— Amanda Hill,  women's mentor + past member of group workshop. 


feel the fear and do it anyway.

I love stories where women wake the 
fuck up, step into their power and welcome the next version of themselves.

Sometimes we can doubt ourselves
amidst an upgrade or leap
forward in life. Hold your 
ground and remember you 
were born for this

Hey gorg.


Just in case this is the first time we're crossing paths:

My name is Tessa, and you can call me T. I get excited by supporting women to live a life that turns them on. Years of building a business, mentoring and my life's work of being an Occupational Therapist, has lead to understand the key missing pieces of the puzzle that a lot of women aren't equipped with as they grow their business. 

I want to show you how to have boundaries like a motherfucker while upgrading your light. I want to support you as you acknowledge what you've been through, and get ready for what's to come. I want to ground you into your body, wake up your senses and remind you that you're a god damn fiery priestess. The Hive is the delicious cocoon to hold you as you grow you business.


A little about me:

I currently practice within two companies. I am the Director and Lead Occupational Therapist at Our Mindful Youth, as well as a mentor within the realm that you are seeing this page through now. I chose to take the mental health Occupational Therapy road because I was so taken by how the mind can impact the rest of our life. It’s my heart's work to look at all facets of a person’s life to see what brings them joy, meaning and hope. It’s also my role to support them and empower them, with practical tools that will allow them to access that joy, meaning and hope.


I studied art therapy + psychotherapy after completing my OT degree, because I wanted to empower my clients to journey within their mind, to “be with” and learn from their emotions, and to integrate creativity into their life. Psychotherapy training allows me to lay the groundwork for my client’s empowerment journey, by encouraging them to self enquire and to safely sit with what they’re experiencing in their whole being. 


This combination of training and work experience, as well as my own self development journey, has shown me the importance of self enquiry and knowing, as well as having grounded practical tools to support you.



You're ready to completely mess with the system and use your voice more than ever before


You're transitioning through a business change at the moment or wanting to call one in


You want to elevate your genius and bring your gifts to life clearly and loudly


You want to create a business built on solid foundations that take you to your next level


You're ready to call in more money than ever before

You want to become more conscious about how you manage your business finances

You want to develop a sustainable social media and marketing strategy

You want to become ruthlessly clear about where your business is headed

You want to get intentional about how you spend your time in business and what you invest in 

1:1 support to develop your dream business


"Tessa has been the most wonderful guide throughout this course.  The way she listens and creates a safe and supportive environment for women is a beautiful thing."

- Nikki Turner, past mentoring client. 

These 5 months take you through an immersive and intimate experience. Before we go any further, I want you to know that this experience will require you to show up. There will be no more hiding away or playing it small. I'll be supporting you with an understanding heart. When it's needed though, I'll show you where you need a gentle push. Like I've said up there ^ I'm here for the women who are ready to show up and step into their power. 

Your commitment:


1 x payment up front of

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$1600 AUD



5 x monthly payments of:

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 9.11.22 pm.png

$375 per month



Q. ​How and when are calls facilitated? A. 1:1 calls are held via Zoom, the links to personally schedule your own 1:1 calls with me will be sent via email. That way, we can work around your calendar and routine. All calls go for 1.5hrs and are recorded and uploaded to your drive.

Q. Do you accept refunds? A. I don't give refunds, however, cancellations that are necessary due to special circumstances during the journey may be arranged.

Still have more questions? DM me on the 'gram at @tessajlloyd