Let's make some

Mentoring for women ready to show up and create their dream life.


kissing your existence
from the soles of your feet,
through the heat of your heart,
to the tip of your tongue.

I have helped countless women show up and dance with their dreams and taste the fruit of their uniqueness. Mentoring with me will equip you with the tools to Create your life and dream business; building you from the ground up to support you as you consciously create your vision.

"When I met Tessa, I was drifting, not knowing how to move forward. During our sessions, I absolutely landed. I was wholeheartedly accepted for me. I’m excited to have the toolkit available within me to have an amazing, fulfilled future. I have never felt so surrounded and supported with love, honey, knowledge and positive ways to align myself with my dreams for the future."

- Susan MacDonald


Mental Health Support Program




1:1 Business mentoring program 

- $375 per month - 



Honey - 5 months of 1:1 mentoring with me

$375 per month 


I show up for the women who are: 

  • Feeling unseen or unheard for who you truly are 

  • Craving tools and strategies that allow them to be more intentional with their time and energy 

  • Feeling like they’re showing up as someone else in life 

  • Putting off making big decisions and feeling unaccountable for the path they're taking

  • Lacking boundaries, and letting things happen in their life that they’re not happy with 

  • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed and out of sync with their life

  • Feeling burnt out and time poor 

  • Experiencing fluctuating self worth that impacts their decision making 

  • Putting pressure on themselves to be perfect 

  • Finding themselves feeling disappointed, rejected or “triggered”

  • Wanting to accept their past and create the future that they know they deserve

  • Wanting to bring a dream to life 

  • Craving a community of like-minded people 


“People who make you feel happy, safe, comfortable, excited and listened to all at once are rare. Tessa is one of those rare people. You can’t help but be lifted by her and learn from her.”

— Katie Traill, Founder of seedblog, sustainability mentor, past member of group workshop. www.seedblog.info 

"Working with Tessa let me kick every single goal that I wanted to kick. I made the highest amount that I ever had within my business, and sold out my program launches. Tessa saw in me, something that I desperately wanted someone to see.. my potential and my power. Tessa lit a fire underneath me."

- Chelsea Luxford