Vision Board Workshops

Join us for an afternoon of magic.


The kind of magic that manifests itself in your mind, heart, soul, and vision.


This is my fourth year of running this, and I still cannot get enough of the magic that this time with you guys brings. 


I'll be taking you through a powerful journey, with a safe circle of other women who are there for the same thing; to create their life of intention and authenticity. Experience the delicious combination of meditation and creation, and let the process guide you. No pressure necessary, no artistic background needed. Leave this workshop feeling aligned, and sure of your upcoming path for the the next month, the next season, or the next year.

My Vision Board Circles are held in Geelong, Victoria. There's no need to bring anything but an open, honest heart. Light snacks and tea are provided.

Join a special group of women in The Art of Insight's creative journey.


Art as Therapy has been carefully designed to gently guide you through a rich, judgement free process of art making, meditation and connection.

This space is for you if you've been

  • craving a space to feel safe, seen and heard

  • looking for something more in life but you're feeling unsure of what it is

  • seeking creative guidance to bring the spark back into your life

  • asking for answers about yourself, your relationships and your life path

  • needing an afternoon of relaxation and grounding connection 

  • craving a creative outlet and the feeling of freedom that accompanies this

Art mediums include painting, drawing and clay making.


Allow yourself to be taken through a creative flow that will take you to a place of self knowing, self acceptance, and self love. 

Tessa from The Art of Insight is a Mental Health Occupational Therapist specialising in Art Therapy. She has facilitated many art therapy workshops and creative women's circles, aimed at empowering the women to live bravely, authentically and freely.

Take the first brave step towards, you.

No pressure necessary, no artistic background needed.

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Art as Therapy workshops

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Kate Daley

"I’ve learnt so much about myself, and the space we had in those calls was really something magical! You lead us like a boss (a kind, empathic boss at that)! I’ll definitely treasure these moments."

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Christine Chamoun

"You bring such a beautiful and understanding space for women of all kinds to feel safe. I did and shared things I would have never done but I knew I was in such a safe space that it was possible for me to. You made me feel seen Tessa."

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Emma Fitts

"Tessa is such a beautiful soul who allows the things to flow where they need to. With Tessa’s gentle guiding hand, we were able to relax and be open and real with each other, and with the process."

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Amanda Hill

"Tessa has a way of making everyone feel at home so even if you're nervous, you can trust that you will be at ease in no time. There is absolutely no pressure on you.. it's all about your unique self expression."

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Alex Tuechler

"I felt incredibly safe & held by both Tessa & the beautiful women in the group, it’s truly beautiful to be surrounded by strong & vulnerable women on a similar journey".

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